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Welcome To Ezra B. Glaser & Associates

Ezra Glaser has fought zealously to achieve results for our clients. Our teams of lawyers have represented victims of violent crimes, accident victims, candidates for public office, plaintiffs and defendants in employment cases (including discrimination cases) school personnel who have had their livelihoods destroyed by the whims of education bureaucrats and overzealous public figures and the victims of medical malpractice of medical practitioners.

Ezra Glaser, and the attorneys working with him have negotiated hundreds of settlements – and when settlements have proven impossible, have appeared in court for trial. Through perseverance, assembling the right witnesses and compiling strong evidentiary documentation, Ezra has earned one victory after another on behalf of his clients.

Local Businesses:

We support local businesses, including the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. We also support local restaurants in the area and suggest that you visit with any one of them during a visit to our offices. We consider ourselves neighborhood attorneys, who look forward to working with people from our neighborhood in need of legal representation.


Ezra Glaser is an expert in the field of premises liability, and has achieved extremely large settlements for the negligence of landlords and the City of New York. This includes victims of extremely violent crimes, including rape and police abuse, as well as general negligence, including sidewalk accidents and ceiling collapses. Some of these cases have been appealed by Defendants, either before or after trial, due to a large verdict or the expectation of a large verdict by his adversaries. Nevertheless, Ezra has always prevailed in the end on cases that have been appealed on behalf of our clients.


-Personal Injury

The attorneys in our firm have settled and attained large verdicts in personal injury cases – including automobile accident cases, slip-and-fall cases, ceiling collapse cases, intentional tortious conduct by celebrities, police brutality, false arrests, and more. While we have tried cases from jury selection to verdict, we will attempt to attain quick settlements in the personal injury cases where the facts are in our favor. We also will stand firm for the rights of our clients where large defense firms, insurance companies, the City of New York, the New York City Transit Authority, or even – a District Attorneys’ office or a professional basketball team either attempts to intimidate them or fails to take action where the law requires it.

-Medical Malpractice

Our firm has settled and tried important cases through verdict against doctors and hospitals.  Our medical malpractice cases have included life-threatening and life-altering matters, where physicians and hospital staff failed to properly diagnose symptoms of a stroke leading to death; where doctors failed to staunch bleeding from a ruptured artery; where improperly-injected epidurals during pregnancy were placed at the wrong level, causing numerous spinal injuries and temporary paralysis; where the early release of a pregnant woman with severe preeclampsia caused the loss of her baby and the inability to bear future children; and where a tumor was misdiagnosed as an ear infection, leading to the tumor’s growth.  We also have settled, gone to trial or are still working intensely on cases involving improper liposuction procedures, failed plastic surgery and the use of machines that burned a patient’s skin after being advertised as a method to remove acne.  We share the outrage over physicians and hospitals that should be working to attain positive results for patients who cause harm to them instead!

-Sexual Harassment Claims

We have attained large settlements from employers who have harassed or discriminated against their employees.  This includes sexual harassment claims against the City of New York and professional business entities, after having notice of an employee’s previous harassment of co-workers, as well as several age discrimination claims for hard-working people who were no longer evaluated as being worthy of continuing their employment.

-Civil Rights Cases

We have a large array of civil rights cases ranging from police abuse cases, where our clients were assaulted during arrest and lockup, and cases brought against the Department of Education, and other employers, who continue to give preferred status to certain races and cultures over others.  We also have taken on local elected officials who, in collusion with officials of the DOE, have attempted to bar the schoolhouse door to people they consider as “outsiders.”

-Election Law

We have represented candidates and committees fighting for a spot on the ballot from the Supreme Court level to the Court of Appeals.  We also have conducted full-blown trials, with positive results, against some of the most famous election attorneys in the city.  We have no qualms about taking on large political “organizations” on behalf of our election law clients.

-Article 78 and Injunctions/TRO's

Our attorneys have successfully attained injunctions and temporary restraining orders to prevent local communities from being abused by a final decision from an administrative agency. This includes the Department of Environmental Protection of the City of New York when they attempted to use dynamite to blast reservoir retaining walls in the midst of a densely populated community, and where religious organizations have failed to adhere their by-laws or charters by failing to hold elections, or otherwise depriving their members of specified rights.  We have often worked closely with members of the Sikh community. 

-Employment Law and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Claims

Our firm handles sexual harassment, age discrimination and various other employment cases, including Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. We have been retained by individuals and small business owners to handle such claims.

- Workers' Compensation

We assist our clients in attaining compensation for on-the-job injuries.  This includes the filing of all necessary paperwork, appearances for hearings, trials and Section 32 settlement evaluations at the Workers’ Compensation Board.  We will also evaluate whether a separate lawsuit may be filed against the employer for employment law violations and any other potential third-parties where additional monies may be available.  This includes car accident cases caused due to the negligence of a party unrelated to your employment.

Is your insurance company denying you coverage
because of the Coronavirus?

Your neighborhood lawyer Ezra Glaser

wants to help you fight them.

Dear Neighbor,

I live and work on Fort Hamilton Parkway, and owners of several local restaurants and food service establishments tell me their insurance companies have sent them letters either denying them coverage for Coronavirus loss and damages on technicalities, or claiming that they intend on doing so.

These insurance companies use legal terms like “force majeure” and “acts of god” … I say they are being devastatingly unfair.

I could go on about how wrong they are, and how misleading they have been with customers like you – who have dutifully paid their policy premiums with the expectation of being covered at times like this. And I could mention my long list of established contacts with local elected officials, and my experience with local government agencies.

But the bottom line is this: if your insurance agency is denying your claim for Coronavirus damages, I will offer you a free consultation. Bring a copy of your policy to my office or meet me outside — I can come to your business if it’s more convenient — and we’ll get to the bottom of this, so you can go back to running your business after this crippling quarantine.


Ezra B. Glaser

P.S. Call me, email me or drop by for a free consultation, and I’ll let you know exactly where you stand, and what your options are — on this or any other issue.

I wish to Thank my Lawyer Ezra Glaser for an Awesome Job He did recouping Money’s for Me due to an Accident. Ezra was NON-STOP working in my Case. He Started from the Word GO and never Quit. I feel that I have gained more then a Lawyer but I gained a Friend. Thank you Ezra for all you have done for me. I now I will support you in the Future.

Warren Halcomb

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